Zilele feroviare

The Black Sea Extended Area, a central area of the Eurasian platform, is experiencing an intense economic development, which must be supported and boosted by investments in the railway sector, which will facilitate the interconnection of regional, national and transcontinental rail networks, thus increasing the sustainable mobility of goods and passengers. The intensification of the industrial activity, the increase of the domestic consumption, the increase of the level of foreign direct investments, especially in the eastern end of SEMN, the increase of the trade volume on the East – West axis, are factors that determine the appearance of development opportunities for the railway field. How can these opportunities be transformed into viable projects, what amounts are needed and what are the potential sources of funding, what railway projects are a priority for each of the SEMN countries, what solutions must be implemented to ensure cross-border railway interoperability?

In order to strengthen the discussions and projects analyzed in the previous edition, the seventh edition is invited to participate over 300 decision makers and influencers in the field of development and implementation of investment policies on the development of railway infrastructure, transport freight and passenger rail, public transport in the Black Sea Area (SEMN), as well as institutional and private investors. The dialogue partners will be represented by railway infrastructure managers, railway transport operators, companies in the railway industry, logistics, railway customers, port administrators and operators from over 50 countries.