The passenger cars delivered to the beneficiaries are returned to Astra for periodic maintenance work, namely: intermediate technical revisions RTI 1, 2, 3, general technical revisions RTG, general repairs RG and capital repairs RK.

In some cases, the old interiors are replaced with new ones. Thus the park is maintained in operation with a very high availability rate. During these works, the wagons are checked and all the initial parameters are reestablished, the brake wheels and discs are repaired to eliminate wear and tear and bring them back to normal operating parameters or are replaced with new ones.

After blasting the casing, it is painted in a painting system that involves repeated cycles of priming, grouting and final painting. To ensure the prescribed drying temperatures, this process is carried out in temperature-controlled painting compartment.

Another important component of the wagon is the bogie. Astra Vagoane Călători is the only company in Romania that produces its own bogie, which it also delivers to its internal and external collaborators. The type of bogie produced by Astra is type Y 32, a bogie homologated for 200 km / h.